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Don't fall into the trap!

Posted by Ryan Ebling on

Don't fall into the trap!

Have you heard about that so-called "anabolic window" which refers to a short period of time following workouts (usually about 30 minutes), during which exercisers need to consume protein for muscles to properly recover, grow and become stronger

This information (better known as “theory”) revolves around the concept that muscles are more sensitive to protein and therefore more likely to absorb and use protein immediately after exercise than they are later on throughout the day.

Well truth be told…

Ry and I don’t worry about cramming in a post workout protein shakes or worry about our “anabolic window” like we used to.

Why(thought you’d never ask 😏)

SCIENCE… Simply put 🧬

In one study (of many)…

2017 Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise study found that when individuals drank 22 grams of protein after their workouts, they didn't build any more muscle than those who didn't.

Yes we simplified that conclusion for you to get right to the point 😉

Research also shows that you don't have to cram all that protein immediately after your workout. High-quality and short-term muscle biopsy studies report similar muscle anabolism after consuming an essential amino acid mix one, two or even three hours post-exercise.

Another study done by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of McMaster in Ontario has completely debunked the theory of a primed metabolic window immediately post workout.

What they found was 4 hours after a workout, there was a 50 percent increase in protein synthesis meaning there was a little more synthesization of protein turning into muscle.

That’s all good but get this… 🤗

After 24 hours, there was a 109 percent increase in protein synthesis❗️

This means there is more muscle building & muscle retention capability 24 hours after a workout than there was 4 hours (or even immediately after) a workout. 🤯

So what does all this means

Simply put, it means what matters most is what you get in throughout the day, not immediately following your workout.

That being said…

You do still need to feed and support your body accordingly for proper REPAIR, RECOVERY and GROWTH. 💪🏼


… taking BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and eating sufficient amounts of clean protein along with energizing carbs and tasty fats.

So why BCAA’s in particular?

Because they…

Support Muscle Growth
Decrease Muscle Soreness
Reduce Exercise Fatigue
Prevent Muscle Breakdown

Adding another amino acid like L-Glutamine works in conjunction with the BCAA’s. Glutamine plays a key role in digestive function and nutritional absorption.

Not only does glutamine support muscle repair & growth, but it also supports…

Gut Function
Gut Repair
Immune Support
Other critical body processes, especially when the body is stressed

Learn more about our 👉🏻 REPAIR (Enhanced Muscle Recovery)

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