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Holiday Survival Tips

Posted by Ryan Ebling on

Holiday Survival Tips


First off…

If tracking your macros on Thanksgiving or through the other upcoming holidays makes you feel good, freaking do it! If it mitigates your anxiety, go for it! There's nothing wrong with that. 😉

Also, there's nothing wrong with NOT tracking! 😃

One day of not tracking through the various holiday days is not going to mess you up…

… at all❗️

Just do what you want and don't let anyone (especially yourself) make you feel bad for it...

...BOOM! 💣💥

Now with that said…

We’re not saying you should go balls to the wall eating everything in sight or simply have a binge-fest. 😏

If you've been tracking macros for a while, you probably have a pretty dang good idea of how much you should eat in order to meet your personal goals. 😉

So, if you are not tracking…

… just be mindful and you'll be fine. 👍🏼

Here are five (5) simple survival tips for Thanksgiving or any holiday:

Switch up your workout… Meaning if Thursday or whatever day the holiday falls on is not a normal strength training day, switch it for the week. Getting a good strength training (not cardio) workout will help your body use up the calories that you take in at dinner.

If your set on a particular goal and don’t want to sway from your focus then plan out your macros for the day and log them in your loseit app or myfitnesspal (whatever app you’re using) to track your macros/calories.

Make Thanksgiving day (Thursday), again or the holiday day-- your “refeed” day giving yourself the allotted calorie increase you should be doing for your specific goals. Remember, incorporating a refeed day once a week helps BOOST your metabolism and supports leptin production, which is one of the hormones that regulates your appetite and turns on your metabolism.

Get a little help. You don’t have to use sheer willpower. Supplement support like Complete Body Labs MAX BURN can be a real gift to yourself. When used daily it’s clinically proven to increase your metabolism and fat burning up to 8 hours.

Most importantly... DON’T FEEL GUILTY! Guilt is an ingrained response to doing something bad. You’re not good or bad based on your food choices. Instead of dividing your food into good versus bad, reframe your thinking so that in your life, ALL food fits!


“Nutrition & Fitness should be a part of your life… not consume it.” ~ Ryan Ebling

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