Everything Detox Program (4-in-1 System)

Everything Detox Program (4-in-1 System) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women
Everything Detox Program (4-in-1 System) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women

Everything Detox Program (4-in-1 System)

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System 1: Everything Fasting, Blending and Detoxing Webinar

  ✅The effects of a toxic liver and gunked up gut.

  ✅Why of detoxing, cleansing and fasting.

  ✅The different strategies and what's the difference between detoxing, juicing,  cleansing, fasting and intermittent fasting.

  ✅How intermittent fasting can be your solution to carb sensitivity.

  ✅How to combine fasting or intermittent fasting with juice blend detoxing.

  ✅Updated science on determining your personal caloric needs for intermittent fasting.

  ✅How to balance your macros for optimal health result results.


Frequently Asked Questions like…

  • What supplement(s) should I take?
  • What about working out and fasting?
  • What about Pre/Post Nutrition when training?
  • What is the difference between men and women when fasting?
  • What can I eat/drink during my fast?
  • What things will I notice?
  • What is the first thing I should consume when I break my fast?
  • And much more...


System 2: Green Juice Blend Detox 

Why GREEN? Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are good for your overall health and vitality. Fruits contain a natural sugar called fructose, which is not bad but in high concentration not good. Today's American Diet consist of more sugars (all types) and when the body has too much sugar OF ANY KIND it is converted to fat and released back into the bloodstream to be stored as adipose tissue. Green vegetables on the other hand contain very low levels of sugar. Leafy Greens contain powerful antioxidants and alkalizing nutrients, that contain healthy digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and essential vitamins & minerals to support detoxifying and cleansing your body. All needed to reset a healthy immune system.

Next... Juice Blend? GREEN and BLEND being the keywords NOT juice. Juice BLENDING is a different process… Instead of using a juicer you are using a blender like a vitamix or maybe a ninja or one of those other high powered blenders. Although juicing has been around for years and has many benefits there is a missing component many people do not think about. FIBER! Fiber is a vital part of the detoxing/cleansing process. Green Juice Blends help to “flush” those toxins out of your system by putting only natural foods into your system (full of nutrients and fiber), giving your digestive system a chance to “reset” and use less energy.  

After 7 days of following a Green Juice Blend Detox you will instantly feel better, your skin will glow, you will reduce excess water weight and you will have a new spark.

Again, With the Green Juice Blend Detox System you can…

  ✔️Flatten Your Belly (Belly Bloat)

  ✔️Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

  ✔️Reduce Inflammation

  ✔️Rest and Repair Your Gut

  ✔️Eliminate Undigested Waste

  ✔️Return Your Body to a Health Alkaline State

  ✔️Boost Your Immune System  


With the Green Juice Blend Detox you will receive…

  ☑️Audio Instructions & FAQ

  ☑️Signature Green Monster Recipe

  ☑️Guide Instructions

  ☑️Chart for making Your own Delicious Juice Blends

  ☑️Top 10 Juice Blend Recipes

  ☑️Instructions on How to Maximize Your Green Juice Blend Detox


System 3: Gut Repair Plan

Focusing on the 4 R's; Remove, Replace, Repopulate & Repair

The Gut Repair plan encourages the growth of good bacteria by consuming foods with prebiotic ingredients that stimulate the proliferation and activity of essential gut bacteria. Repopulate the gut with large amounts of good bacteria, good nutrition and supplementation. 


  ☑️Foods that Support the Gut

  ☑️Supplements for Repair

  ☑️How to Food Combine

  ☑️Recipes for Cultured Foods & Drinks

  ☑️3-Day Example Plan for Your Meals


System 4: 72 Hour Detox

Nothing is more powerful than healing foods... especially when you eat powerful superfoods!

Certain foods have the power to change your life at a cellular level - body, mind, and emotions.

When combined in a specific way, and eaten in a certain sequence and time of day, these healing foods have the power to completely cleanse, deeply nourish, totally re-energize and rebalance your entire system...

...cleaning out, reducing inflammation and resetting your organs and even your emotions - without depriving you - which is a promise other detoxes simply can't deliver on.

Unlike the other cleanses, the 72-hour detox is low in sugar, higher in good fat and fiber, and allows quality protein that helps you achieve sustainable results by retaining lean muscle.

You’ll almost always be eating whole fresh foods, so you should never feel hungry or deprived.

You’ll eat just enough to keep you going strong, but not too much that your body can’t heal your cells, organs and systems by having to digest too much.

You’ll re-invite MAXIMUM and SPECIFIC nutrition into your body that gently cleanses and rebalances you from top to bottom, while giving your system a much needed break!


☑️Food List

☑️Guidelines and Tips

Need More Information?

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🤔 Who was the REFUEL BAR created by?

• REFUEL BARS were designed and formulated by us (the owners of Complete Body Labs) along with a team of certified medical professionals, nutritionists and AIB bakers.

🤔 Are REFUEL BARS manufactured in a GMP facility?

• REFUEL BARS are made in an FDA, SQF (Safe Qualify Food), GMP Certified 1 registered facility.

🤔 Where are REFUEL BARS made?

• REFUEL BARS are made in the USA.

🤔 What is ThinAdventure SuperFiber?

• ThinAdventure SuperFiber is a unique proprietary blend that is multiple times its weight in effectiveness compared to regular fiber. It is more effective with regulating blood sugar, healthy insulin levels, cholesterol, aiding in digestion as well as creating the feeling of satiety.

• ThinAdventure SuperFiber helps to reduce the glycemic impact in our REFUEL BARS adding to the many reasons why they are an excellent fuel source!

🤔 Are the S'mores REFUEL BARS safe for Diabetics to eat?

• Yes. The SuperFiber along with protein in our S'mores REFUEL BAR makes them low glycemic and a great snack even for diabetics.

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS organic?

• REFUEL BARS is made with select organic and all non-GMO ingredients along with a triple filtered water to reduce water contamination in them and ensuring the quality of our bars .

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS dairy free?

• REFUEL BARS are made with whey protein and milk protein so they are not dairy free.

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS kosher?

• REFUEL BARS are certified K-Dairy following Kosher dietary laws.

🤔 Why is cold pressed (not baked) important?

• High heat can diminish, or even destroy, the nutritional contents of certain ingredients. By cold pressing our REFUEL BARS there is zero risk of losing any of its nutritional value during the production process.

🤔 What kind of sweeteners do you use?

• NON GMO Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Maltitol Dark Chocolate, Water Cane Sugar and Organic Erythritol (minimal)

🤔 What’s the difference in corn syrup and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Sugar)?

• Both products are made from corn starch, but regular corn syrup is 100 percent glucose, while high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has had some of its glucose converted to fructose enzymatically. HFCS is comprised of approximately 45 percent glucose and 55 percent fructose (the exact percentage of fructose can vary depending on the product), plain corn syrup is simply glucose, the most basic of sugar molecule.

🤔 What is nutrient dense protein?

• Nutrient-dense foods and beverages contain vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other beneficial substances that may have positive health effects. They are also naturally lean or low in saturated fat and have little or no added saturated fat, sugars, refined starches, and sodium.

🤔 Are you coming out with more flavors?

• Absolutely! Two new flavors are coming soon! 😋


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