ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2)

ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women
ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women
ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women
ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2) | Complete Body Labs | Probiotics, Nootropics, Brain Supplements, Protein Bars, Workout Supplements, Health Supplements, Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins For Men & Women

ADK (Vitamins A-D3-K2)

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COMPLETE BODY LABS ADK is a natural vitamin A, D3 & K2 supplement. These vital nutrients carry out a number of jobs throughout the entire body, and deficiency in any of these vitamins can have quite a few harmful effects. These vitamins support strong bone structure, ocular health, proper immune function, calcium absorption and cardiovascular health. 


Vitamin A plays a critical role in maintaining vision, neurological function, healthy skin and more. Like all antioxidants, it’s also involved in reducing inflammation through fighting free radical damage. Regarding eye health, vitamin A supports the rods and cones, which are essential to seeing the difference between dark and white colors. Vitamin A may help prevent blindness by providing these structures with support. Vitamin A may also combat cataracts and age related macular degeneration. It also helps to keep the skin and mucous membrane strong, which can reduce the amount of pathogens and other harmful agents that are able to enter the body. Vitamin A also helps the body product important immune cells (lymphocytes) that fight disease and bacteria.


Vitamin D3 provides further help to the immune system by activating the immune cells. It also supports healthy metabolic function promoting a lean body and healthy weight. Vitamin D3 also helps the body to absorb and utilize calcium promoting a strong bone structure. It also supports the cardiovascular system, which may limit the risk of heart disease.

*Vitamin D3 is vital nutrient especially if you do not get at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight every day and if you are of darker skin tones, you need upwards of 1-hour each day. Little exposure to direct sunlight may be one a reason people are more susceptible to getting ill in the winter months.


Vitamin K2 has two basic and critical functions both having to do with cardiovascular health and bone restoration. It helps prevent osteoporosis and the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

Vitamin K2 also provides many other benefits like:

  • Directing calcium to the proper places like your bones and teeth, preventing calcium from going to the wrong areas, such as the kidneys, where is could lead to kidney stones, or the blood vessels, where is could trigger heart disease.
  • Optimizing sexual function by increasing testosterone and fertility in men, and decreasing androgens (the male hormones) in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
  • Creating insulin to stabilize blood sugar (keeping your system sensitive to maintaining correct amounts), protecting against diabetes and helping prevent metabolic problems associated with weight gain.
  • Suppressing genes that can promote cancer while strengthening genes that promote healthy cells.
  • Enhancing your ability to utilize energy as you exercise therefore improving overall performance. 

COMPLETE BODY LABS ADK provides a wonderful source of vitamins A, D & K, and these nutrients provide incredible support to biological functions throughout the entire body.




🤔 Who was the REFUEL BAR created by?

• REFUEL BARS were designed and formulated by us (the owners of Complete Body Labs) along with a team of certified medical professionals, nutritionists and AIB bakers.

🤔 Are REFUEL BARS manufactured in a GMP facility?

• REFUEL BARS are made in an FDA, SQF (Safe Qualify Food), GMP Certified 1 registered facility.

🤔 Where are REFUEL BARS made?

• REFUEL BARS are made in the USA.

🤔 What is ThinAdventure SuperFiber?

• ThinAdventure SuperFiber is a unique proprietary blend that is multiple times its weight in effectiveness compared to regular fiber. It is more effective with regulating blood sugar, healthy insulin levels, cholesterol, aiding in digestion as well as creating the feeling of satiety.

• ThinAdventure SuperFiber helps to reduce the glycemic impact in our REFUEL BARS adding to the many reasons why they are an excellent fuel source!

🤔 Are the S'mores REFUEL BARS safe for Diabetics to eat?

• Yes. The SuperFiber along with protein in our S'mores REFUEL BAR makes them low glycemic and a great snack even for diabetics.

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS organic?

• REFUEL BARS is made with select organic and all non-GMO ingredients along with a triple filtered water to reduce water contamination in them and ensuring the quality of our bars .

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS dairy free?

• REFUEL BARS are made with whey protein and milk protein so they are not dairy free.

🤔 Are the REFUEL BARS kosher?

• REFUEL BARS are certified K-Dairy following Kosher dietary laws.

🤔 Why is cold pressed (not baked) important?

• High heat can diminish, or even destroy, the nutritional contents of certain ingredients. By cold pressing our REFUEL BARS there is zero risk of losing any of its nutritional value during the production process.

🤔 What kind of sweeteners do you use?

• NON GMO Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Molasses, Maltitol Dark Chocolate, Water Cane Sugar and Organic Erythritol (minimal)

🤔 What’s the difference in corn syrup and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Sugar)?

• Both products are made from corn starch, but regular corn syrup is 100 percent glucose, while high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has had some of its glucose converted to fructose enzymatically. HFCS is comprised of approximately 45 percent glucose and 55 percent fructose (the exact percentage of fructose can vary depending on the product), plain corn syrup is simply glucose, the most basic of sugar molecule.

🤔 What is nutrient dense protein?

• Nutrient-dense foods and beverages contain vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other beneficial substances that may have positive health effects. They are also naturally lean or low in saturated fat and have little or no added saturated fat, sugars, refined starches, and sodium.

🤔 Are you coming out with more flavors?

• Absolutely! Two new flavors are coming soon! 😋


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Customer Reviews

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Great product!

I live in the majestic Pacific Northwest; the winter is our rainy season and yes, this is a great zone for vampires to escape sunny weather! Even though I’m outside a lot in what seasonal sunshine we do get, my vitamin D levels were still low at my last doctor’s check up and I got myself on this impressive formula soon after that. I can honestly say my hair and nails are growing stronger and faster and I am feeling more energized and certainly now have a greater peace of mind that I’m doing everything I can to keep my bones strong and healthy!

Awesome supplement

I always had low D when my doctor checked my levels. I took a D supplement but never got my totals up where they should be. You know aging you D level is very important, anyhow I decided to try Complete Body Labs ADK and my totals are good now. They understand vitamins and supplements. They knew in order to absorb the D what needs to be with it. Not only are they great, they are more affordable which is very important to me and I'm sure you will love them as well🥰

A sweet surprise ...

I started taking ADK, and right away I noticed my hair and nails grew super strong and fast! The added bonus was the boost of energy and increased intimacy in our marriage 😂😍🔥!