We are Ryan Ebling & Lydia Martinez Ebling from Boynton Beach Florida, the owners of Complete Body Labs. We were previous directors & consultants for a multimillion-dollar weight loss product line in the network marketing industry working both on the corporate side of the company as well as being independent distributors. We left that arena in 2015 venturing out on our own to create online health programs, food based nutritional products & dietary supplements.

We both have deep-rooted passion for people & their health. We’ve spent the last 20 plus years continuing to learn and adapt to the latest science regarding health, fitness & weight loss.

As you can imagine, having 20 plus years in this industry, we have experienced many different programs, products, supplements, techniques & protocols both as consumers as well as creators/developers for large companies and having worked with many medical professionals. Many of these things work but most are just ‘shinier’ versions of what already exists. A commonality among most companies is their marketing angle (spin) as to why their brand is a better choice than their competitors.

We got tired of people buying into marketing rather than science, paying for overpriced marked up products and getting confused by all the different theories, items & objects available; Most of which are the same things just cleaned up, dusted off and rebranded as something different & unique.  

After many years helping other individuals, medical professionals & companies create health products, we finally decided to start our own brand & offer our own product line…which led us here. We stand behind every product we offer because we know there is real science backing it. 

Why complicate something when simplicity & ease will provide the same result? 

  • We strive to provide quality without expense
  • We aim to meet the masses with their needs
  • We are focused & dedicated to simplifying the science 
  • We believe health & fitness should be a part of everyones life but not completely consuming it    
We believe in... 
We have strong faith, love everything Disney (except their prices 😳), have a quirky sense of humor & laugh A LOT.
Oh, and we love food… especially PIZZA! 😋🍕
Our mission is simple...
Provide quality products & tried, true, proven programs at prices you love by people you can trust!  

"Simplicity Trumps Complicated!" 

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